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Facebook & Instagram
Ad Costs

aD spend: Any




NO contracts*

Complete overview of your Business Manager setup, including Ad Account activation, Page improvements, Pixel health, Catalog troubleshooting, and more

Ongoing support for troubleshooting and best practices across the account

Website, landing page, and funnel best practices and recommendations

One-on-one Slack channel to discuss solutions

One video call per month, if requested

Does not include execution/implementation

*30-day cancellation requested

"I got more from you in a week of consulting than I did with months of a huge and very expensive agency. Thank you!"

"My experience with this organization has been nothing short of exceptional."

MONTHLY Management
aD spend: $1K+/MO



Google Ads Management:


NO contracts*

Begins with a Setup Fee of $850**

Modern campaign structure and budget allocation strategy

Audience research, targeting, and retargeting

Comprehensive creative builds, including graphic design, video editing, copywriting, and competitor research***

Optimize pixel health and attribution

Optimization and scaling

*30-day cancellation requested

**See more on what the setup fee and management fees cover

***Number of creative is dependent on ad spend and appropriate budget allocation

"Social Ktchn is the best paid social advertising agency I've ever worked with."

"Chris and his team have helped us grow our small business tremendously."

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service breakdown

Monthly Consultation

30-day service with no contracts (30-day cancellation request)

‍We'll start by sending along our client brief to help us learn a more about your business goals, assets, and more.  100custom strategy for your campaigns, including top of funnel and retargeting, custom and interest-based audiences, and creative iterations including copy and visuals. We can work with any budget you're on, allocating a daily spend to each effort in order to reach our audiences. Our strategies and methods are always backed by Meta’s most up to date practices. 

Since our approach to building sales is a holistic one, we'll not only advise on best practices for building and managing ads but we will give you real, data-backed examples of improvements you can make to your messaging, offers, landing pages and websites, along with competitor research and diving into your analytics for more insights.

In this plan we do NOT manage the ads but show you plans for doing it yourself. If you're looking for daily and ongoing management and optimization of your ads in order to maximize cost efficiency and revenue, the monthly plans are the ones to choose.

service breakdown

Monthly Management

Setup: 1-3 weeks
Management: 30-day service with no contracts (30-day cancellation request)

‍Our monthly plans are set up so that the more you spend on your ads, the higher the monthly rate. We do it this way because 1) no plan should be limited in deliverables (we offer the same service at all ad spends), and 2) as you spend more money on your ads, the more quickly things change. This means we need to be dedicating more time and resources so that your campaigns are watched more closely and optimized more often. We’ll never force or encourage you to spend, unless we’re hitting your KPIs.

It all begins with a plan. To start, we'll send along our onboarding document to get everything we need to understand your brand at a CEO-level, pixel health and installation, creative and visual strategy and execution, and more.

With Meta’s recent shift to AI-assisted targeting, we’ll set up simplified campaigns that allow the algorithm the best chance to find our buyers, consistently.

Ad creative - so hot right now. Firstly, we’ll make sure your ads look beautiful and represent your brand.  Second, you’ll be given endless variety including offers, messages, long copy, short copy, single images, carousels, videos, and more. We can not - and will not - experience ad creative fatigue because we are proactive in our methods to learn from best-performers and build out more creative strategies to test. Our team can manage the entire process from beginning to end, or we can work with you and your team to find a creative collaboration that works best for you. While there is no limit to the amount of iterations we'll do, we have to be mindful of 1) keeping a low number of variables during testing so that we understand which ones are working, 2) not creating too many ads/tests at once so that our budget is spread too thin and it takes much too long to learn or see results, and 3) the algorithm - it resets each time we make changes, and we do not want to constantly disrupt it (putting it back into learning phase) or we'll lose our progress!

Landing Pages
We don’t offer website design or development, but we can 1) offer 15+ years of advice on how to build conversion-ready experiences and 2) build standalone landing pages (Leadpages, Clickfunnels, etc) for an additional fee. We can also assist with CRM and lead connections using Zapier and the like.

Our small and dedicated team will be responsible for watching the progress of your ads daily, and making appropriate changes, adjustments, and additions, based on our huge selection of tools in Meta’s Ad Manager. We'll constantly narrow our focus so that our efforts show consistently optimal return on ad spend, before we suggest scaling, where we bring your overall revenue to new levels.

With delays in attribution due to the recent iOS changes, reporting will be a fluid, communicative process. There aren't set dates, but we'll keep you updated with changes, optimizations, new efforts, etc. Of course we can also provide more official reports over larger periods of time that show exact numbers we're seeing, as well as a summary of actions taken and trends we're seeing. Additionally we'll show you our course of action for the following weeks, suggesting new efforts and optimizations so that we are constantly transparent, and improving. Again, it's a collaborative and fluid process so rest assured, you'll be kept apprised of all our work and results. We’re big believers in transparency.

Just shoot us a note :)

Our Process

How We Work



Are we a good fit? Let's find out. We'll hop on a call to chat about your business, its goals, and how we can help.


We'll collaborate to complete a briefing document that compiles the data, demographics, brand guidelines, past efforts, and anything else we need to know about your business to develop your custom strategy.

Audience Targeting

We'll use a systematic method of audience segmenting and testing to build and identify your targets.


Also testing heavily, we'll develop several ad iterations, using unique messaging, copy, and visuals, to create original and engaging experiences, all while testing to bring best performers to the forefront.

Launch and Optimization

We'll publish your campaigns and see immediate results from our testing methods. As the data comes in, we'll let it do the talking. We identify the "winners" and facilitate their delivery and success, so that your costs decrease and revenue increases. Then we're ready to scale and bring your business to new heights.