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Our team has a combined 15+ years of advertising and marketing experience, ranging from high-end fashion brands to global ad agencies.

Our blend of branding and creative experience and skill, combined with our analytical approach and expert knowledge of Facebook Business Manager's tools, gives us a unique ability to deliver campaigns and experiences that drive revenue and boost businesses.

Chris is a former Copywriter and Art Director, and he's worked with ad powerhouses like DDB and brands like Mazda, Sears, and more. He's also had an affinity for travel, hotels, and restaurants, becoming a Marketing Director at two Hospitality Groups out of NYC and Southern California.

In his spare time he's usually thinking about where he wants to travel next, how any given brand should change their logo, and playing around on the keyboard. 

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Camila is a former Social Media Marketing Director & Content Writer, she’s worked with NYC-based fashion brands and publications. With an expertise in fashion, beauty, and wellness brands on a global scale, Camila has used her marketing and fashion experience to bring our clients over 10x ROAS in their Facebook and Instagram efforts. 

In her spare time she’s usually watching documentaries, researching the latest trends in fashion and interior design, doing DIY projects or redecorating the house. 

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